Keep 4 Weeks of Income WITHOUT Getting a 2nd Job!

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Keep 4 Extra Weeks of Income WITHOUT Getting a 2nd Job in 2024!

How It Works

Bonus Budget is designed as a year-long personal finance solution. This means instead of weekly or monthly, you're going to take a full-year approach to your money.Within this framework, you'll pay your monthly bills every 4 weeks. This means that every 28 days, you'll pay your rent, water, and electric bills.That means that all of your bills will be paid using 48 weeks of income. With 52 weeks in every year, this gives you 4 weeks of income every year that will not be allocated toward your expenses.

Point 2

Instead of paying your bills monthly, you'll pay them every 4 weeks. When you do this, each one of your bills will be paid 3 times within a 12 week period.But there are 13 weeks in every 3 months, right?

Point 3

Instead of paying your bills monthly, you'll pay them every 4 weeks. When you do this, each one of your bills will be paid 3 times within a 12 week period.But there are 13 weeks in every 3 months, right?

Closing Point

That means that at the end of every quarter of the year, you'll have a BONUS week of income that doesn't go toward bills!Now, you might be asking yourself, "What's the Catch?". There's no 'catch' really. The only rule that applies to make sure this is effective is that your income has to be higher than your bills. You must be able to pay all of your bills with 48 weeks of income.The chart above will show you if you can do that or not. When you're finished completing the chart, you'll know exactly how much extra you'll have...or how much more you need to earn for this system to work.While the plan is simple to follow, it still takes a system to make sure you are working your plan. That's why you need to download this Free Spending Chart today.Tap the button below to get started. In just a few minutes this will be in your Google Drive account and you'll be on your way to keeping more of your money in your pocket every year!

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About RingSide Sheets

Ringside Sheets is a 1-person Etsy Shop that opened on January 30, 2023.My mission is to create spreadsheets using Google Sheets to help you better manage your finances, track habits, and improve your quality of life through better statistical measurements.

My love of spreadsheets actually began in 2009, while completing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. This was the first time I ever really spent time creating a financial document using a spreadsheet.It was 5 years after that in 2014 when I offered my first spreadsheet publicly. It was a sheet that I called the Four Week Budget, and on Black Friday weekend of 2014 I was able to sell it to 22 people through a Facebook group called 30 Days of Hustle.That experience was great because it gave me feedback. One piece of advice is particularly memorable. One of the people who purchased my spreadsheet suggested I move it over to Google Sheets (it was on Excel at the time) and in 2016 I made the transition.My spreadsheets have undergone a lot of changes as I've continued to improve on best practices. Now in 2024, the version you see is the best I've come up with yet. Bonus Budget is a complete personal budgeting system that will help you pay off debt and get set up for long-term financial success.